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If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to report an error on the site, please email




On the main home page it says:

"To add information/stories to a soldiers page you must be registered with a valid email address."

Obviously this statement is not true. IPs can edit, and you don't need an email to create and account and edit.

The longer that this site exists, and the more content (especially quality content) is added, the more that this site will appear on Google and Yahoo searches.

This will only increase the amount of vandalism, including edits like these by



I don't mind adding quality content like I have been, but not if it is just going to be vandalized. I won't stick around if this site denigrates to vandalism and the reverting of it. Wikipedia has hundreds of member who are on vandal patrol. I don't see that happening here. You'll spend all your time with vandalism or have to get somebody who will.

Please, please make it so IPs can't edit and make it harder to register.

Thanks. > Best O Fortuna 00:53, 6 January 2012 (CST)

I reverted four of's edits, but he created a new page, which you'll have to take care of.
I took care of the created page, and blocked the ip. I had setup the site originally to require login and email for changes, obviously with the new upgrade that is no longer true. I will review the documentation this weekend, and re-implement those safeguards, though sadly it's been my experience that they are rather ineffective. If the vandalism continues I will setup some other form of authentication.
I certainly appreciate all time you are spending here, and I enjoy reading your edits.
Geoff Willis (Wobby)

Unfinished Pages


I noticed that some individual soldier pages in some counties for WWII were not created. You probably got busy and I know it is a lot of data. The counties of Washington are there, but if you click on one, like Spokane, none of them have been populated.

You can probably populate them faster that I can. Maybe you have a bot that creates pages automatically.


Best O Fortuna 17:12, 14 February 2012 (CST)

It looks like I missed a file on the initial import, fantastic catch. Initially I programmatically created all the pages, and separated them into files just small enough so they wouldn't time out on import. This ended up being 336 files for WW2. I imported the missing file, so all should be well.

New User Account IP Addresses


Over on Wikipedia they have a tool that they can use to check the IP addresses of logged-in/user accounts. Do you have the tool? All these new accounts that are created and then not used. The ones the past two days all have a similar pattern to the user name created. If you had the check user tool you could see if they are a) all from the same IP range and/or b) from some suspicious place like Russia. Anywho, carry on. > Best O Fortuna 23:58, 2 April 2012 (CDT)

I implemented proxy blocking which I hope will clear this problem up. I also changed the challenge questions so that even if the proxy blocking doesnt do the trick, we still should have some peace for a while.
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